No snowmobiles, please.
Mt. Elbert (wikipedia)

The Leadville Area

Leadville is home to the highest peak in Colorado, Mt. Elbert, at 14,443 ft. Numerous other 14,000-foot peaks abound in the Leadville area, which hosts the LT100 100-mile run, 100-mile mountain bike race, and 100-mile ski race.

Leadville has a rich mining history. Gold was first discovered in California Gulch in 1859. Subsequent gold finds were made in 1875, ushering in Leadville's boom days, from 1877-1880. The Printer Boy, Camp Bird, and Matchless mines speak to the rich mining history. Fortunes of the Guggenheim and May Company were made from the Leadville mines. And the Climax mine was the world's largest producer of molybdenum, used to harden steel.

Downtown Leadville, CO (wikipedia)

The army's elite 10th Mountain Division ski troopers trained at Camp Hale beginning in 1942 and subsequently fought in World War II. Camp Hale was selected as a high altitude training camp due to its excellent snow conditions. When they returned to Colorado after the war, many of the 10th Mountain Division soldiers continued to build upon the rich skiing tradition for which Colorado is renowned today—namely downhill and backcountry skiing.

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